Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Exploring inland - Guadalajara (1 of 3)

We just returned from a 6 day inland tour.  This post is part one of three that details our excellent adventure to the middle of Mexico.

Our friends Danny and Deborah from SV Cyclades have been saving time in February to do an inland tour together.  They have a nice Jetta that follows them around the anchorages and marinas which made our adventure much more flexible than taking the bus.  So with a map and a few hotel reservations, off we headed inland.

Each of us had a destination that was on the bucket list.  Guadalajara was first, about a 4-5 hour drive away, up and down windy roads for the first half, then more straight roads after our stop for lunch.

We spent two full days and nights admiring beautiful architecture, museums and enjoying restaurants and shopping.  Each night, there were singing troubadours in the lobby of our Hotel Frances, built in 1610.  Despite being the 2nd largest city( <1.5 million) in Mexico, Guadalajara's downtown Centro area, where we stayed, was clean, and felt very safe.  There were incredible shopping bargains in the suburb of Tonala, which is known for their outdoor markets, as well as hundreds of permanent stores offering all sorts of beauties for the home.  We all found treasures to load up in the car.  After a final walk around downtown, and good night's sleep, off we went towards Zacatecas.

Sunrise at the Metropolitan Cathedral (1561-1661) w/ multiple styles of architecture during this long construction

A gift from France 

These ladys were originally draped with clothing by the  modest Mexicans locals.

One of the pottery shops in Tonala 

Puppies for sale!

Colorful Dia de la Muertos Katrinas for sale in the Tonala

Torta Ahogado is Guadalajara's signature sandwich - similar to French Dip but with spicy sauce

Rob at this Ahogado stand after morning shopping in Tonala

The Institute Cultural Cabanas (1805)

Ceiling Murals painted by muralist Jose Clemente Orozco
"Man of Fire" 

Danny with a local artisan playing with a 3D puzzle

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