Monday, June 3, 2013

Junio (June)

Happy to be June!

The month of May seemed to go on forever – contrary to the rest of the cruising months which used to fly by.  Why?  Maybe all the changes in locations from the mainland to Baja peninsula, celebrations, the trip home,  more goodbyes, reunions and making new friends, other family and friends health challenges, college semesters ending, summer plans being made, and Shindig wanting to be both snug at the La Paz marinas, as well as exploring the Sea of Cortez.  But it is June.  I am excited to have one more month on water, before the summer starts back in the States.
Today, we are about 150 miles north of La Paz, across from the town of Loreto in an anchorage called Isla Coronado.  We left La Paz 15 days ago.  Long passages are not required here, as the new destination may be 4 or 20 nautical miles away (easy day trips).  We’ve done more sailing here than we had on the mainland.  Rob has kept the spinnaker on deck and we’ve enjoyed many downwind jaunts as we head north further into the Sea.  We had winds gusting to 30 knots a few days ago and had to reef the main completely.  But usually we've enjoyed 10 to 12 knots of Southerly wind.

Pigs running free ....mmmm. Carnitas

Sunset in the Anchorage
Our activities for today include hiking to the top of the volcano,  saying goodbye to our friends on Fluenta  having games afternoon aboard Oogachaka, and perhaps a shared dinner potluck.  We will likely head north tomorrow for two more stops to reach the Bahia Concepcion –which we heard is a “don’t miss”.  One more week of exploring and then one week of leisurely heading south as we return to La Paz, our summer home for Shindig.

Most of our anchorages, and even the one "big" town, Loreto & nearby Puerto Escondido, do not offer Internet.  (Nor stores, restaurants, people)   We use the HAM radio winlink communications (see previous blog) for emergency and family updates.  When we do get a “fix” on the Internet, it’s almost comical how we spend a couple of days trying to get online.  I’ve been known to walk a mile in the very hot Mexican  with my laptop down a deserted, paved road to an RV Park and store that charged 10 pesos (less than a dollar) for super-fast Internet.   Their apple fritters were also spectacular.  Rob joined me for the walk the next morning.

We took the dinghy across the Bay to this special Loreto restaurant - the owners were gracious and the food outstanding!

My seafood salad - scallops, shrimp, octopus

Enjoying our meal with Connie and Ed (Sirena) and Patty and Ken (Oogachaka)

Each anchorage is unique, and breathtaking,  and completely silent, except for the wildlife. This morning we had dolphins surfacing among the sailboats, a large school of rays swimming in formation, and pelicans diving for their breakfast.  We try to get exercise each day, either going ashore via dinghy for a hike, exploring the waters with our paddleboards, and snorkeling and swimming.  There can be sudden, unpredictable winds at night,  but mostly we've enjoyed evenings in deep sleeps, and wake up rested. No booming club music from the Cabo dance floors to keep us up.

Entrance of Farmer's market in Arroyo of Loreto

Fresh pollo and meat tostados on the grill

The Darth Vadar boat getting fueled up for its next voyage...we heard it burns 15 gallons in one nautical mile.  Notice the fuel truck on the dock needed to fill it up.

There are Bees in some of the strategy is to give them a bowl of water so they don't go down below in the cabin

Barbara and S/V Zoe before her trip north

Enjoying Freshly speared Yellowtail Tuna dinner with Sylvia and Tom on S/V Cinnabar

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