Friday, June 7, 2013

Bahia de Concepcion…Music and New Friends

(uploaded via Ham Radio, sorry, no photos possible)

We appreciate the unexpected and continue to have more adventures as we near the turn around point for our trip. Following up on a chance introductions at a local taco restaurant in Loreto last week, we walked two beach fronts looking for Tap and Anita. Many of the beachfront casas (some as simple as a lean-to, others modeling South Pacific palapas including overhangs for RVs) are now boarded up. It is the end of season, and only the hardy, year round gringos stay. Tap started a school here 40 years ago based on sailing and Outward Bound. While in his late 80's, Tap manages a quick smile, especially when the discussion turns to Mexico, shiny watches, pretty nurses and music. He plays the violin, viola, and harmonica. His wife, Anita, invited us into their home to check out the red piano. Their home, like others around it, is "off the grid". There is no electricity, telephone nor Internet. They live here most of the season and then go back to the States for the hot months. Nancy rummaged thru the piano bench, and found some American Folk Songs, with classics like When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again, and Clementine. We all enjoyed as much music as she could play and sing, with Tap humming and playing his harmonicas. That resulted in an invite for dinner the next day.

Last night we moved our sailboat over to their bay, and anchored right in front of their home. Anita had invited several other friends, including Jerry, who made extra money in college by playing piano long hours into the night in local Nevada bars, restaurants and brothels. We re-introduced ourselves to Tap, and settled in for a lively night,filled with more impromptu music, by both Nancy and Jerry (this time Nancy brought her music), a delicious dinner on the bbq, and wine.

Nancy wore another shiny watch which Tap appreciated, and we all chuckled at their stories of living on the beach and the colorful gringo and local community of Mulege, which includes these unique, beautiful playas.
Anita explained that she bought the piano 8 years ago to bring music into their home, especially for Tap's enjoyment. What a wonderful reason to bring friends together. From the stories they tell, as well as our delightful dinner get together last night, her strategy worked well. Tap turns 90 next year, and we are invited to his celebration.

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