Monday, May 27, 2013

The Slow Road towards Loreto...a stop in Los Gatos

We've been in the Sea of Cortez islands for 7 days.  These photos are from just one of the stops, in an anchorage called Los Gatos (the Cats).  While it is 76 miles from La Paz, it was the 3rd or 4th stop along our slow way. One of the wonders of this area for sailors is the close proximity to a new location.  Generally we wait for the winds to build, and then venture out for 2-4 hours of sailing, before reaching the next spot. There have been many many dolphins, jumping rays, turtles, and one very big whale surfacing just beside our boat. 
Los Gatos gave us more hiking opportunities on the red windswept sandstone hills, snorkeling along the reef, another pretty horseshoe bay to admire, and offers for lobsters by a local fisherman.  Our dinner that night was spectacular.

Rob on morning hike

Beach and Sandstone formations

Shrimp on the BBQ
4 Lobster Tails
Buen Provecho!

Panoramic View of Los Gatos

Nancy on the cliffs above Los Gatos
Little fish on the reef
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