Monday, May 13, 2013

How does that go together?

Shindig's primary winches are in pieces and getting cleaned and service.  These Harken 56 electric winches are the most complex I've rebuilt.

They come apart into 50 or so pieces and there is only one "right" way to put them back together.

The good news is that when I'm stuck during the reassembly I can cheat and peek under the drum of the other winch.

I'm happy to report that there were not extra parts left over and both winches are spinning freely with fresh oil and grease.

Starboard primary winch in pieces

Nancy is back in the states for a quick visit and I've taken the opportunity to get some boat projects done.

Shindig is looking good and ready for action.
  • Primary winches serviced
  • Windlass serviced and corrosion below deck addressed
  • Bow Roller serviced
  • Anchor chain stripes repainted at 50 foot intervals
  • Anchor locker prepped and painted - Thank you Chava
  • Hull, topsides and stainless cleaned and waxed - thank you Chava
  • Watermaker serviced
  • Bitstorm Wifi firmware upgrade complete
  • Re-programed station memory on ham/SSB radio
  • Shindig Volt Meter - fixed Generator sensing, added State Of Charge (SOC) indication, misc. bug fixes
  • Fixed fresh water system hammering sound
  • Serviced main furler and tack lashing
  • Defrosted refrigerator

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