Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Caffeine is my friend

From Nancy:
(If you're wondering about the caffeine reference, photo below shows "Mad Nancy", without it!)
Today I skipped cardio kickboxing class to get some early morning errands done.  Got a new set of tires on the Lexus, picked up wardrobe boxes and mattress covers at UHaul and was done with grocery shopping at Trader Joes, by 9am.  We’ve been in heavy social mode at home, with a large pool party for friends with kids on Saturday, my best friend’s birthday in Santa Cruz, and several neighbor get togethers over the past 2 days, as we share our plans and say first goodbyes.
We are close to having the home rented, with the property manager, finalizing the details, as well as lots of interest on two cars for sale.
Tomorrow night we start the journey into a real vacation – 9 days in the Delta with many of our boat friends.  We leave early Friday am, with a full cooler of drinks and food.  The social director has suggested a scaled back version of get togethers, focusing on three scheduled ones, which include a Mexican themed goodbye party for us! That means more time for relaxing (??), and hopefully some wakeboarding, dinghy racing and SUP practice.
Here are two photos , one from the pool party, and the other, more boxes, delivered last night from our neighbors Larry and Barb. They really know how to make me happy! Back to packing. 
the SOF Gang

24 boxes added to our collection

Bad Hair day, and no caffeine for me

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