Friday, August 3, 2012

Boat Barter

As we get closer to our departure date Nancy and I are downsizing as much as possible and storing as little as possible.

This downsizing includes our cars.   If we are very successful and sell them quickly we'll have to rent or borrow a ride to finish our move out of the house and onto the boat.  If we are unsuccessful we'll have to store them or sink them in the bay! 

We have advertised them on Craigslist and Auto Trader and I have been driving the Mini around with a "for sale" sign in the rear window.

This week I received this note under the windshield wiper.

This deal wouldn't help on the downsizing!

We have received lots of inquires on the cars.  Many are scams and some are qualified buyers.
I find the craigslist/autotrader route is kinda a pain in the ass.  (flaky people, low ballers, email and phone followups the go nowhere).  I'll be happy when the deals are done and sad to see my little Cooper go......

Good Bye "INBOX"

42 days and counting.

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