Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Bora Bora

Rob had visited Bora Bora two years ago on Shindig - but this was Nancy's first time.  We met honeymooners and other couples celebrating special milestones, and were easily influenced by this dreamy place. 
We enjoyed 9 days & nights exploring the anchorages around the beautiful island & lagoon.  Had our first dinner at the Bora Bora Yacht Club, where ocean sailors were resting from a leg of their ARC around the world tour.  Went on a wet remote hike up to a range hosting two coastal defense guns left from the US troops during WWII.  Enjoyed the happy hours & dinners @ Bloody Mary's where the mood was always festive and friendly.  Most of our time was spent in the giant lagoon on the SE corner of the island, where select hotels like the Four Seasons and Intercontinental Hotel have their outrageous over-the-bungalows and $30 hamburgers can be enjoyed.

The water really is the best asset of the island;  the sapphire and  turquoise blues offer clarity of over 100 feet, with  dramatic backdrop of two mountain top ranges, Mt. Pahia and Mt. Otemann. 

Snorkeling, Stand up paddling,  drift diving in secluded reefs.

It was a beautiful time.  

Shindig on a mooring in the SE corner of the lagoon.
Sunset from Intercontinental Resort and Spa 

Shindig anchored outside Bloody Mary's.Restaurant

Nancy out for her morning paddle

Rob and Nancy at the Intercontinental infinity pool 

Snorkeling day with Rick and Cindy (SV Cool Change)

Back to Bloody Mary's!

Yes, it is a tourist destination.

Many sharks just outside the coral garden areas

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