Thursday, May 9, 2019

Cruising = Fixing Boats in Exotic Locations

A popular definition of Cruising is in the above blog post title.  Very true for Shindig, who has been waiting patiently in the tropical humidity and sun in the island of Raiatea.  Raiatea is about 145 miles  from Tahiti - a 40 minute flight by airplane, but more interesting, an over night sail by sailboat.

So we have been holed up in two different airbnb or little motels, commuting daily to the boatyard to try to turn Shindig into the cruising machine that she is.  We worked 11 days in a row, with a 1/2 day break;  scrubbing, un-molding, fixing, greasing, de-greasing, reorganizing, cleaning on the inside, installing new systems, negotiating with the boatyard as rain delayed their exterior work.  Rob installed the wiring for a new Iridium Go which will make our communications back home, as well as wind forecasts, much better.  Nancy was very happy to have access to a single laundry machine in the airbnb and did 15 loads of laundry in 5 days.  (Getting laundry done in the South Pacific is very expensive, usually about $15/load for wash and dry) Got to appreciate the little things.  

Photos below show a few different angles on the fix-it jobs.  

The Boatyard where Shindig has rested for 18 months

Interior shot of main salon in shambles.

Nancy crawling in the V berth to try to find some hidden treasures  SUP still in its bag, as well as surf board

Main salon table moved to expose hidden water tank baffles.  8 sections cleaned over 2 days.
Entrez vous - the entrance to Shindig via the 10 ft ladder.  Boat Cover remained on for first week

How Romantic!    R + N = Heart on the Garbage Can
Some Boat Yoga:  Into the Aft Locker 
Rob goes up the mast to fetch halyard messengers and install wind instruments

A well deserved Tahitian Beer - and un heated swimming pool   The Best!

The primer going on after 4 days of paint removal

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