Sunday, March 13, 2016

Visitantes en La Paz

Margaritas with Kevin at Hotel California, Todos Santos

Since this may be our last full season on the Baja side of Mexico, we encouraged friends to visit us.  And they came!  In February and March, we sure had fun introducing our friends to La Paz, as well as our own trip back to the Sacramento area to celebrate Nancy's mom's 90th birthday.  And having Bryan join us over his spring break before graduating this May was an extra fun family time for all of us, including his grandparents, Alice and Bert.   
As you read this, we are heading north into the Sea of Cortez, ready for another rendez-vous with Elaine and JD.  They are flying in and out of Loreto, which is midway down the Baja.  We will enjoy spending time on the water with them, especially touring around Isla Carmen, where each little cove or anchorage has a special gem to experience.  Hasta Luego! 

Kate and Tony: morning hike outside Marina Palmira

Balandra Beach 
Ahoy Matey!!
Kevin going ashore at Bonanza Beach

Nancy and Mom
You know you're not Old until the Fat Lady Sings.....
Family Time in Sacramento

Bryan and Whale Shark

Bryan swims with the Whale Sharks off La Paz 

Competitive card games, a Novak family tradition 

A jaunt to see the whale sharks on friend's panga

Enjoying Sunset at Tailhunter

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