Saturday, December 5, 2015

Playing in the Sea of Cortez

This post is being written during a calm day at Puerto Escondido (Hidden Port).  We are about 115 miles north of La Paz, and have been away from the Marina since November 3rd.  It's been an unusual weather season so far, with many more cycles of Northerly winds, sometimes up to 35 mph gusts.  It has made our progress north a bit slower, but we didn't really have an itinerary anyway. Our only guideline was to be off the docks for about a month.  With good access to weather updates several times a day, and the cruising community updates, there's plenty of notice of wind patterns, some accurate, other times not so much.

And when it's calm, we get out and play.  Here are some photos of several anchorages and gatherings enjoyed with new friends. 

Escape from Shindig!  Nancy on the paddleboard

Freshly caught and grilled Marlin fish tacos
Thanks for sharing, Brett and Marna from SV Liahona! 

Group Hike in Agua Verde
Greg, Nancy, and Donna & Cliff, SV Aesclepius

Greg, SV Dreamchaser, F27
Homeport Nanaimo, British Columbia

Good wind protection in Agua Verde
We stopped here going north and south on this trip.

Roughing it on the sea:
Grilled shrimps with pesto sauce

Hiking on Isla Coronado, near the town of Loreto

Hiking up Steinback Canyon near Puerto Escondido
Pamela and Jeff from SV China Cloud

Gourmet Dinner at Puerto Escondido's restaurant
Grilled Octopus

Rob on kitesurfer in Puerto Escondido
First time launch from aboard Shindig

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