Monday, October 5, 2015

Loreto and heading South towards La Paz

This is a medley of photos from our last month of the sailing season, now known as "Year 3". We are almost ready to start "Year 4".  So enjoy the beauty and fun below; it is sure motivating us to start the journey south towards the Border and beyond.  Soon we will start another season aboard Shindig. 
After rendez-vousing with Rob's parents, Bert and Alice Novak, in the Sea of Cortez last April, we had the luxury of time to slowly make our way South together, back towards La Paz.

Fortunately we could share some of our Novak Shindigs with other cruisers, particularly Agave Azul (Katie and Robyn) and Pangaea (Mike and Katie).  Yes, we still refer to our friends first with their boat name, and then their first names.  

Shindig inching South in 5 knots of wind
(great photo opportunity)
Elegante and Shindig in V-Cove at Isla Carmen

This is a good sign, a Cell tower in Loreto
(poorly disguised as a Palm Tree)

Mom and Nancy in Loreto

Rob and Nancy at the beautiful Posada de los Flores hotel
There is a swimming pool overhead!
Nuestra Senora de Loreto (Our Lady of Loreto) Church

Once at Puerto Escondido (Hidden Port), we relaxed aboard our boats and enjoyed daily dinghy rides to shore for shopping at the little store, a few meals at the new restaurant, laundry and socializing with other cruisers.  

Dad, Nancy and Rob decided to go on a hike to find a trail head up the mountains.  Above are  our shadows on the long, hot walk to the Steinbeck Canyon trail head. 
Major culvert project to divert water from the canyon away from the highway 

It was a secluded "hike' with lots of opportunities to say "Con Cuidado" - Be Careful!!   

Boulder hopping up the stream bed
Bert Novak at one of several pools up the canyon

On to Agua Verde:  We were happy to catch up with friends Katie and Mike on SV Pangaea.  

Surprisingly, this little market has a decent supply of fresh vegetables, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and potatoes.  We always try to purchase something from these little tiendas to support and thank the locals for giving us access to their little paradises.

Katie and Alice aboard Shindig

Bert and Mike solving world issues

Another favorite stop is Los Gatos, distinguished by reddish rock. 

Rob caught a lobster and we all enjoyed that! 

Family feast aboard Elegante

San Evaristo:  Our friends Charlotte and Steve have continued to help this little fishing community through enabling a new restaurant, keeping the local kids happy and healthy and encouraging other cruisers to do the same.  We thought "Shindig Man", a candy-filled Pinata from the mainland, would bring more smiles to these little boys.  

Local kids were thrilled to meet "Shindig Man"

Shindig Man and view of San Evaristo Cove

Charlotte and two of her little friends

Another year passed, and it's time for Rob's birthday month (May).   We were on his favorite platform, Shindig, in the beautiful Sea of Cortez, with family and friends.  What more could he ask for? 

A Birthday Celebration for Rob

Feliz Cumpleanos Rob!

Katie (Agave Azul) and Alice (Elegante)

Salud y Amor!

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