Friday, June 12, 2015

1000 Days Away!!!

For those who have been following our online blog you may have noticed that there is a day counter on the right hand side.   This served as a countdown meter as we prepared for our trip in 2012 and then started counting the days since departure after we sailed out of San Francisco Bay, September 15, 2012.

Day One!  Sailing out the Golden Gate
Can you believe it has been 1000 days?  

Well, here we are.  It has not been 1000 days at sea, and thank goodness, not 20000 Leagues Under the Sea. But we have been "away".  We've enjoyed our California and Mexican cruising aboard our beloved Shindig.  We've enjoyed our summer couch surfing in the US and Canada.  It has been an amazing journey.  It feels like we've had 10 years of adventures instead of less than 3.

We have met hundreds of cruisers, made many dear friends, and celebrated the little and the big milestones together.  The ease at which friendships flourish with other cruisers and local Mexicans is truly amazing.  The new relationships we have developed on this adventure are the most cherished part of the nomadic 1000 days.   In addition to the new friendships we've also grown closer to many of our "landlubber" friends and family as we enjoyed the generous hospitality during our homeless summers.

Many of our sailing friends have continued travel to Central America and the South Pacific.  Others have completed their sailing adventures and returned home full time.

HarkerBoard SUP relay race team.  Katie, Mike, Rob and Wendy. (La Paz October 2013)
One of the most difficult things we encounter when moving around so much is saying goodbye to new and old friends.  Often it really isn't goodbye though.  More times than not we are reunited during the cruising season in different anchorages or marinas or in the next season.  Sadly, we have lost a good friend this year and must say goodbye.  "Wendy on Willow"  was an amazing woman.  She single handed her sailboat to Mexico and brought the "sunshine" where she went.  We bumped into her on and off for two seasons, shared birthday celebrations, dinners in remote anchorages and some impressive paddleboarding.  We will miss her free spirit and endless optimism.  Even as her cancer and treatment debilitated her she wrote inspirational love notes to all her friends.  Amazing!
While we mourn the loss of a good friend we also celebrate her spirit, sense of adventure and the positive impact she made on everyone she met.  

So what is next for the Shindig crew?

As we write this, Nancy is in Northern CA, visiting her mother and Rob is in Southern CA spending time with his parents, and brother's family.  Our remaining June travel schedule includes separate trips to Boston and Texas and a nice drive up the California coast together.

Our plan is to walk into our house July 1st and begin the process of getting it ready for sale. It's time for a new home base, one that we can come and go from while we continue our travels.

We both thank you all for your interest and support of our travels, and your friendship.  

"Gracias, Muchos Gracias!!"

"Merci Beaucoup" (gotta start refreshing on the French for Shindig's eventual trip to the South Pacific) 

And Nancy's mom (age 89) just recalled this phrase, 
"Takk Takk Tusen Takk",
(A Thousand Thank You's in Norwegian)

With Gratitude, Rob and Nancy

Rob and Nancy delivering a candy filled "Shindig Man" to the children in San Evaristo

Rob and Nancy in Barra de Navidad at sunset

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