Saturday, March 21, 2015

Do you know the way to San...tiago Bay?

Leaving Barra de Navidad to go South included an overnight stay at Santiago Bay. We liked it so much that we stayed 5 nights.  The anchorage was fairly protected, gave us somewhat easy dinghy access to shore, and offered another glorious long beach, actually four continuous beaches, where we could walk for miles and miles.

After scoping out some local restaurants on the beach that serve Pescado, Sarandeado style, we ventured further into town via 7 peso buses.  Our destination was as far as the WalMart, which is a great resource to have when you live on a sailboat.

The Saturday flea market, Tiangui, had been described to us as a 'don't miss'.  That morning we arrived on the beach with Katie and Mike from SV Pangaea, and walked over an hour to the market. Once there, we rewarded ourselves with carnitas tacos breakfast. We all ordered "dos tacos", except Rob, who ordered "tres tacos".  But apparently the sound of "Tres" (three) can be very similar to "Seis" (six).  Rob was served six tacos for breakfast, which he generously divided more evenly across the rest of us.  Then we had fun scouring the market for fresh berries, vegies and odd Mexican treasures.  
Walking the beach to market

Stopping mid-way down the beach at the Oasis Beach Club became a daily routine.  The "Oasis" is just that; A very pretty, friendly restaurant with excellent fish tacos, quesadillas, cold drinks, and...good wi-fi. All the boats we were traveling with, Agave Azul, Pangaea, Trinity Rose, made this a meeting spot.  

Club Oasis

View from Club Oasis up the beach

Shindig anchored in front of Club Oasis

Santiago has been elevated to another favorite anchorage.  We look forward to returning even for a shorter stop, on our sail north towards Banderas Bay

Ladies' Paddle 

Rob and Robyn & Kathryn from SV Agave Azul enjoying the Sarandeado Style Fish

Katie buying fresh berries at the Tiangui, flea market
A Rhino and Bison go by on the streets of Santiago
GoogleWe saw the rest of the "zoo" in flatbeds following this one
Love the colorful condiments at each meal


Shindig continues sailing South

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