Friday, February 13, 2015

Camp Chamela and Camp Tenacatita

Chamela and Tenacatita are two anchorages south of Banderas Bay and north of Barra de Navidad.    
Each has its charms, which include beautiful, mostly remote beaches, calm anchorages and clear. warm water to play in.  They are popular stops for cruisers.   Some boats stay for a night or two, others remain in one place for weeks at a time.  

Chamela Bay: Looking north on the Playa Perula where most of the boats anchor
Dirt Road connecting the Beach to the main paved road
This is our path up to the Scuba Jazz Cafe
Rob and Brian from SV Cat2Fold
Our morning routine was a beach walk, then meeting at the Cafe for Internet and Breakfast

The owners of Scuba Jazz Cafe also have an adjoining Dive Shop.
It is a delightful place and serves up a mean latte or cappucino

Nancy's light breakfast
Chilaquiles con Huevo...Mmmmm!

29 nautical miles south is Tenacatita Bay.  Upon arrival, we joined many friends from previous anchorages and years, and quickly labeled our immediate gathering "Camp Tenacatita".  
Camp Tenacatita offers more activities than one can do in a day.  In addition to its own private morning NET, where boats can check in over the VHF radio, there is a  morning "SUP-per" club for paddling and kayaing out to the point.  
The Mayor of Tenacatita, Robert Gleser, and his lovely wife Virgnia on SV Harmony (Alameda) preside over this anchorage. They suggest organized activities included 1:30pm afternoon swim or dinghy to shore, bocce ball, walks on the beach and friendly palapa dominos or cards. One of Virginia's books, "Harmony on the High Seas", is Nancy's favorite.

Full Moon setting in the morning over Palm Trees at Tenacatita Bay

Paddling in the morning.  Off to meet the SUP-per Club

Watching the Superbowl in neighboring La Manzanilla
We hired a panga to take up across the bay to watch the game. The ride back was especially wet and dark - another cruising adventure.

BlueBay Los Angeles Loco Hotel at end of Tenacatita Bay

One day a group of us bought a day pass to the BlueBay Hotel to treat ourselves to their amenities.  From 9:30-5:50pm, we wore 
colored wristbands while gave us access to all their restaurants, bars, pools and activities.  It was a fun day of relaxing off the boats!  Sailboats included Nirvana, Bula, Alcyone and Shindig.

Matching Swimsuits

A few relaxing  moments before running off to the next Buffet line and swim-up bar

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