Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mi Esposo es mal...or Chillin' in Chamela

We are south of Banderas Bay in a lovely anchorage named Chamela.  It is a large, beautiful bay with miles of flat sand, mild waves, and collections of palapa restaurants and modest beach homes.  There is a small town behind the beachfront with a wide paved road, several tiendas and a town square with some stores.
Unfortunately we are here not to fully enjoy each day, but focused on getting Rob better.  He came down with something back at the family holiday before New Years, and has not been able to shake it. We've eeked out about 2 weeks of him not feeling 100%, but good enough to get underway.  The last couple of nights were the worst so into town we went looking for the pharmacy.
I spied an eldery couple putting bags in the back of their vehicle, and asked them if there was a doctor in town.  Of course they would know. :)  We climbed onto the tailgate and hitched a ride several long blocks to be deposited at the doctor's clinic.  There were dozens of women in a cement building, all smiling and no one in a hurry. We checked Rob in, were introduced immediately to the Doctor in his office, and were told that Rob could be officially seen in one hour.
An hour later Rob was examined, and found to have a bad ear infection.  The doctor was carefully writing out prescriptions for antiobiotics, cough syrup, Naproxen and a fever reducer when I returned to the clinic.   I wondered how long it would take to get to the pharmacy.  The doctor then went into the main room and returned with all the medications.  We asked him where we should pay and how much.  He said he could take care of it, and it was as much as we'd like.  With limited funds and change, we ended up giving him 300 pesos, which is less than 34$.  He tried to give us some back, but we said it was for the clinic.
Wowwee!  I guess we were in a free clinic.
I think our medical deductible in the US is $2000.00.  No wonder many ex-pat retirees rave about the quality and value of the Mexican health care.

We'll post more later, when Rob is up and better, as well as us being in a more robust Internet area.
No photos can make the uphill climb to the "cloud" today.

Here's to Health and Happiness in 2014!

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