Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's "SUP"?!

We’ve spent the last month learning all about stand-up paddle boards (SUP).  They have taken over the surf breaks, surf shops and general water sports here in Banderas Bay.  Most of the cruising sailboats have one or two aboard and we’ve watched many inflatable kayaks get traded away to make space for SUPs.  Their versatility must drive the popularity; one can take them out in a marina, from an anchorage or into waves.  The learning curve is short, and we’ve found paddling is great exercise for upper body and core strength.  Here in Punta de Mita and La Cruz, there are a half dozen surf breaks, and probably a ratio of 2:1 SUP/surfers.  We happened to be here during the 4th annual Longboard and SUP Classic, hosted in Sayulita last weekend.  What a fun colorful event to watch! 
Here are some photos of our newest sport.  By the time this is posted, we will have purchased a 2nd board.  There are new storage racks installed on the side of Shindig, to house these toys.  And some tired cruisers who are looking forward to the next day of paddling.   

Early morning SUP in La Cruz Marina
Nancy and Rob paddle out to visit Barbara and David on sailboat Zoe

Sue and Marie eyeing the surf potential

Rob on surf break in Mita

Longboard and SUP Classic at Sayulita
Surfer/SUPer Marie
Matching pedicure and board graphics

Ladies SUP morning paddle in Mita anchorage
Buenas Dias! Sunrise at Mita anchorage

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