Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bolts in the bilge - again

The photo above is the flex aquadrive coupling from the transmission to the prop shaft.  I discovered that two of the six bolts that hold the shaft coupling together were laying in the bilge.  There were still 4 other bolts holding it together but if this were to come apart or spin off axis under load all sorts of bad things could happen.  I figure that either the engine would come off the mounts or the prop shaft would  shaft would bend or it would rip out the cutlass bearing and sink the boat.  Any combination of these events would ruin your day.
On most boats these bolts are safety wired so they cannot back out.
It looks like there was paint applied to the bolts so one could visually see if they were loose.....
Replacing these bolts with wire ready hex heads or drilling these for wire is on the "todo" list.  For now things are back together with loctite.

8/4/2012 update -

The happened again.  There were to bolts that backed out all the way and 2 others were hand loose.
This time I drilled out the heads and ran safety wire through them.   I suspect that they might be a tad too long and were bottoming out in the coupling.  I took off about 2 threads on each as well for good measure.  This fix will solve the problem.

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