Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Shindig and Alcyone made an overnight passage from Makemo to Tahanea.  It is only 50 miles but we couldn't make that distance in the daylight hours.  In order to make Tahanea at dawn we had to average less than 4.5 knots.   Do you know how hard it is to make Shindig go slow?

Once in the lagoon we headed to the South East corner and met up with our buddies on S/V Tumbleweed that we had last seen in the Marquesas and Katie and Mike of S/V Pangaea.

Shindig, Alcyone and Tumbleweed swapping stories and telling lies

Local copra farmers dropped off a bounty of lobster

They wouldn't let us pay them!

Snorkeling on the bommies near the anchorage

Brilliant blue colors of clams 

Kite time!

Pangaea Mike gett'n it done!

Beach party!

Douglas making Fire

Rob extracting precious ice cubes with Kenny

The motley castaways.  Tumbleweed, Shindig, Alcyone, Pangaea

Nancy, Betsy and Katie


  1. Thought you guys were just in LaPaz? Great pics love the bugs and color of that clam.

  2. Hey wait a minute, aren't I with you right now in La Ventana? Great pics of one of my favorite places on earth. Fun times with terrific people and beautiful underwater terrain.